We contacted Teams at Work Pty Ltd in 2008 to assist us develop a quality management system. Ian demonstrated the cost benefits of using a web-based quality system and was given the go-ahead to build our system. The project ran so well that we soon requested that the system be expanded to include safety management.
I highly recommend Teams at Work Pty Ltd to any company wishing to implement a management system for their compliance needs.
We find the documentation and the web-based quality system provide a very effective tool for this job. It is an easy system to navigate; accessing & locating documents / records / information is quick & efficient. I can now produce monthly status reports with just a few mouse clicks: the formatting and layout of the data / charts makes presentation simple. It saves me so much time.
Teams at Work Pty Ltd has written us a management system that is easy to understand and use and was the key factor leading to our success in acquiring accreditation to both ISO: 9001:2008 and AS4801:2001 Standards – we had zero non-conformances. 

Refobar Australia
Teams at Work Pty Ltd was contracted to develop our ISO 9001 quality assurance system from scratch and integrate it with a (tired) existing Safety Management System. Ian explained the numerous benefits of going with an online compliance management system and was asked to go-ahead.
Having a paper-based system would have been just too demanding on the resources of our small management team.
Prior to implementing our web-based quality system it was very difficult for us to manage the process of updating our team of technicians with changes made to workplace documentation. As the technicians are away from base most of the day, communications, other than by mobile telephone, proved time consuming. Now, they can access the quality system via the web and receive system notifications / document changes immediately.
The reporting, resolution and tracking of corrective actions has become a whole lot quicker too. With less time spent chasing forms / paperwork our technicians are far more productive.
Siganto Air Services & Solutions
Teams at Work Pty Ltd completely re-developed our quality system and brought it up to date with the ISO9001:2008 standard. As a quarry/mining operation our worksite is geographically diverse with offices and worksites scattered across a large site. Maintaining a paper-based quality management system was proving to be a real time consuming operation.
web-based quality assurance system has reduced the amount of time we need to spend maintaining our ISO 9001 system. The system has provided our staff with an easy way to access system records and documentation. This has led to better communication regarding quality issues and reduced the amount of documentation.
Our own internal audits are now conducted more smoothly since using the web-based system. The in-built calendar, scheduling tools and automatic notification process give confidence to auditors that important quality management tasks will not be neglected.

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