The Benefits of a Web-Based Management System

Paper-based management systems are, by nature, difficult to maintain and are often not very “visible” throughout an organisation. Typical paper-based systems have a “Manual” and several folders of related procedures / work instructions / forms / records. Maintenance of system documentation is usually neglected, since compliance is not seen as a core duty of line managers outside of service / production-related areas. Forms and records are often not centralised and are scattered throughout the organisation on numerous laptops / PCs.
In contrast, our recommended LEAN web-based management system = Quality Systems Toolbox™ gives users immediate access to their “total” management system from any computer with internet connectivity. Plus it establishes a “one stop shop” for the referencing and maintenance of all system documentation and records throughout an organisation.
The scope of the software is being continually extended. New modules to address the specific requirements of Workplace Health & Safety (i.e. AS4801) and Environmental Management (i.e. ISO14001) are due for release in the very near future.
What is a Lean Management System?

Lean is defined as:
  • Simple – intuitive, easy to use, no unnecessary functionality
  • Smart – provides visible indicators of system performance + facilitates internal communication via notification system + built-in work-flows
  • Value adding – creates value for our customers – stores knowledge, facilitates learning, monitors performance
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